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Our story

Dr’s Sarina and Joshua Epstein would like to welcome you to their family. This husband and wife duo has worked tirelessly to cultivate the best technology and knowledge available to provide specialized foot and ankle care to the North Florida Community. Before becoming managing partners of North Florida Foot & Ankle Specialists, Sarina and Joshua met each other in medical school where their love for each other and the practice of medicine blossomed. The Doctors got married in 2017 and then went on to complete prestigious surgical residencies and postdoctoral Fellowships in Florida and Georgia. Dr. Joshua Epstein has long loved the North Florida community having spent summers with his grandfather, enjoying the outdoors on his acreage in Live Oak, Florida. Dr. Sarina Epstein shares his love of the outdoors and the kindness and compassion of the North Florida community. Over the past decades long education, the Doctors have trained under some of the best surgeons in the country and cannot wait to make their knowledge and expertise available to Gainesville and the surrounding areas.


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Core Values

At North Florida Foot & Ankle Specialists, we put patients first and the practice is built on a strong foundation of core values to help our doctors guide treatment and keep you moving. Your health goals are always at the top of our list and we are here to help guide you in achieving them.

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We pledge to always do what is best for you as the patient and take the time to provide you with accurate and concise information. Our physicians will provide comprehensive treatment plans from the initial visit to help keep you moving, no run arounds just the facts.

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The latest technology & techniques are available to our patients, whether conservatively via advanced digital x-ray, 3D scanned custom orthotics and in-office regenerative medicine or surgically with the latest minimally invasive procedures we are always at the cutting edge of therapy.

Advanced Training


Doctor means “to teach” and our physicians strive to put the patient first in sharing their expertise. Your health is invaluable, and going to the doctor is more than just getting a prescription or routine check-ups. This is a partnership between patient and physician working together to reach your health goals.


Multiple Office Locations Close To Home

The North Florida community deserves the best foot and ankle care possible and we have made it easier to get care. Our foot and ankle specialists can be seen at offices in Gainesville or Lake City and each maintains full staff privileges at North Florida Regional Medical Center and Lake City Medical Center.

Gainesville Office

6420 W Newberry Road Suite 210
Gainesville, FL 32605

Mon., Tues. & Wed. 9am - 5pm    Thurs. 9am - 730pm    Fri. Office Closed for Appointments

(352) 525-2779 Book Online

Lake City Office

456 SE Baya Dr
Lake City, FL 32025

Weekly on Tuesdays & Thursday 9am - 5pm

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