North Florida Outpatient Wound Care Center

The North Florida Outpatient Wound Care Center is a highly specialized medical facility that provides comprehensive wound care services to patients with lower extremity wounds. The center takes a multidisciplinary approach to wound care, with a team of wound care specialists, including wound care nurses and physicians, who work together to provide individualized attention and the best possible outcomes. Notably, both Dr. Joshua Epstein and Dr. Sarina Epstein, a husband and wife team, practice at the center weekly on Wednesdays, bringing years of experience and a strong reputation for compassionate, personalized care. The team uses advanced wound care technologies and techniques such as negative pressure wound therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and debridement to promote healing. The center’s team also provides education and support to patients and their families to prevent future wound complications. With their exceptional care and expertise, the North Florida Outpatient Wound Care Center helps patients with lower extremity wounds to heal quickly and effectively, improving their quality of life.